The Platinum Love Story

About Us


A Mediterranean Search For Beauty

Platinum Love was born in the islands of Malta, an island situated right in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. The island embodies a mixture of cultures and a rich history, an innate sense of beauty and a simple way of life. With a mixture of Italian and North African influences the Maltese culture is unique in it's landscape and a an idyllic home for Platinum Love's ongoing search for beauty 


What's in a name?

The magic of Platinum printing empowered the most excellent of black and white photographers to create their most beautiful works, each print, hand printed in the darkroom is said to last up to a thousand years. This technique inspired founder Matthew Attard Navarro, a lover of monochrome photography to coin the name 'Platinum Love' suggesting a love for the finest.




Platinum Love Vestiaire

Inspired by the Mediterranean landscape and the Maltese ‘joie de vivre’, Platinum Love Vestiaire is a cloakroom of ideas. A new chapter of tangible story-telling and a creative pillar for Platinum Love celebrating simplicity and timelessness and striving for excellence through objects intended to be passed on.


Platinum Love Journal

Platinum Love was founded as a digital disruptor to support Mediterranean photographers and writers tell their tales across the medium of a journal. After being founded as the 'first' digital publication in Malta, the journal was continuously reinvented in print and in digital as an ongoing voice for creativity and beauty. 


Beyond Love

'A journey across the Mediterranean'. As a keen patron for contemporary photography, 'Beyond Love' is a photography festival held by Platinum Love celebrating contemporary photography in the Mediterranean. The first festival was held in the city of Valletta in May 2015 as an ongoing inspiration to the Platinum Love story.